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Abdulaziz Humaidi

He is a professional Saudi photographer, born in Riyadh in the year

1984 Graduated from the College of Arts – specializing in Arabic Language – King Saud University

He loves traveling, photography, recording moments and memories, and making those around him happy

I strongly believe in the wonderful saying that beautiful moments have to be captured

The most important stations of the journey were… his beginning in the world of photography

He was self-taught. He began photography as a hobby by doing photo sessions, but it became his own work. He encountered some difficulties with his identity. He discovered art and began using his cultural and artistic experiences to his advantage by integrating nature and Saudi beauty to create his unique vision of depicting street life and people in its streets from composition to scenes. The lighting and different shooting angles encouraged him to start.

Thanks to God, he was able to develop himself during short years of trials, errors, and learning, as well as his equipment, whether cameras, lenses, or lighting equipment of the latest types.

He participated in many coverages, news events and international conferences. With private and government agencies, the most important of which are:

  • Coverage of the AFC Champions League and the general final
  • Coverage of the Champions (Rock) car racing competitions
  • Coverage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup Final, Coverage of the Formula E car race in Diriyah, Coverage of the Saudi Professional League
  • Coverage of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional League
  • Coverage of the Saudi Dekondo Federation championships, sports season
  • Coverage of equestrian racing competitions
  • Photographer of the Arab Championship (King Salman Championship) (Taif).
  • Hajj Season Photographer for the Public Security Sector – Ministry of Interior
  • Photographer of the happiness of the Saudi ambassador to Côte d’Ivoire
  • Project Plan Photographer – Makkah Al-Mukarramah Road

He traveled to many countries around the world, including:
Kenya, Barcelona, Czech Republic, Vienna, Jakarta, Turkey, Cote d’Ivoire, Bahrain,
To exchange experiences, transfer cultures, and make the picture look sweeter.

All of this is due to God’s grace and generosity…..

Your brother : Abdulaziz Humaidi


What We Do.

Using light, colors, and advanced artistic techniques, Abdulaziz succeeds in creating interactive moments and visual experiences that captivate viewers and arouse emotions. He combines creativity and professionalism in every photograph, giving his works a unique and distinctive artistic touch.

Fashion Photography

It reveals the essence with an artistic vision, captures faces with depth and detail, and tells stories with multiple faces

Potrait Photography

Elegantly crafts looks, highlights the beauty of fashion, and creates expressive images of elegance and style

Landscape Photography

The photographer is captivated by the beauty of nature, embracing light and detail, creating contemplative and spiritual moments



Creative eye captures life’s essence, frames moments, plays with light, crafts stories, and immortalizes emotions through the lens.

Photo Editing

Our Team.